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Explore our groundbreaking research initiatives, including the Australia and New Zealand Retail Crime Study conducted by Professor Michael Townsley in collaboration with the Profit Protection Future Forum. This comprehensive study offers invaluable insights into the current landscape of retail crime, trends, and emerging threats specific to the region. By participating in our research efforts, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to a deeper understanding of the challenges facing the industry and help shape future strategies for loss prevention. Gain access to data-driven analysis, actionable recommendations, and evidence-based solutions to safeguard your business against retail crime. Join us in advancing knowledge and driving positive change in the field of loss prevention through our pioneering research endeavours.

Loss Prevention in a Time of Accelerated Change: How can Loss Prevention Future-Proof the Businesses they Protect?

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The initial motivation for this white paper was to learn how Loss Prevention (LP) teams dealt with the pandemic related lockdown. However, through talking to LP managers it became evident that the observations are transferable beyond the context of COVID-19. Times of crisis reveal the essential characteristics of effective strategy and tactics in ways that “business as usual” conditions simply cannot.


The focus of this study was modified to consider the implications for LP in the context of a sector facing challenging circumstances and a rapid acceleration of prevailing trends. 

The Australia and New Zealand Retail Crime Survey


The Australia and New Zealand Retail Crime Survey 2019, sponsored by the Profit Protection Future Forum and Checkpoint Systems was launched in July 2019. The Survey provided our members with regionally-relevant, contemporary data, on the issues that we know impacts on the bottom line both in traditional bricks and mortar stores and via online channels.

We are indebted to our members for providing their information, data, knowledge and valuable insights. As a leading consortium on profit protection across Australia and New Zealand we take seriously our underlying objective to 'lose less, sell more'.

The 2022 Australia & New Zealand Retail Crime Study 

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The 2022 Australia and New Zealand Retail Crime Study is the second overview produced by the Profit Protection Future Forum into the ANZ retail crime landscape.

The first study (published in 2019) provided needed regionally relevant intelligence into hot products, popular offending methods, and sector-level estimates of loss types.


This second study not only continues this focus and considers changes during the intervening period. As everyone is aware, the last four years have witnessed considerable and unpredictable changes. COVID-19 disruptions, staff shortages, strained supply chains, and greater online transaction volumes have all shaped the opportunity surface for the commission of criminal activity, be it organised retail crime groups or impulsive amateurs.

The 2022 Australia & New Zealand Retail Crime Study is proudly supported by Checkpoint Systems, Datascan, Southern Cross Protection and P4G Security. 

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