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The Profit Protection Future Forum is supported by dedicated sponsors from within our industry who actively contribute to the growth and development of our community. These companies not only work alongside us in the profit protection sector but also invest in the creation of valuable content for our members. Their sponsorship enables us to deliver high-quality events, resources, and networking opportunities that empower our members to stay informed and connected. We deeply appreciate their ongoing support and commitment to advancing our industry, and we recognise the significant role they play in shaping the future of profit protection.

Checkpoint Systems

Checkpoint Systems is renowned for delivering innovative solutions that safeguard retailers against theft, shrinkage, and operational inefficiencies. With a comprehensive range of security and compliance products, Checkpoint Systems has been instrumental in enhancing retail operations worldwide. For over a decade, Checkpoint Systems has been partnering with the PPFF, supporting the work we do in promoting, collaborating, and fostering professional relationships in the Retail Loss Prevention Industry.

Southern Cross Protection

Southern Cross Protection is one of the largest mobile patrol companies in Australia. A national footprint that is able to provide the local communities; businesses and people with a holistic, intelligent approach to security on a localized basis. Our scale creates access for all local businesses to precision technologies and risk management expertise at an affordable price. Whatever your security budget – Southern Cross Protection has an effective solution for you.

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P4G Security

Founded in 2012, Platform 4 Group (P4G Security) holds demonstrated experience providing security services for businesses, government offices, major sporting bodies and venues, entertainment providers, local authorities, and exhibitions in New Zealand. We operate across a range of industries including hospitality,  commercial, construction, events, education, retail, and industrial, delivering a range of commercial and event security solutions.


The Axon Network connects people, devices, and apps to protect life in all regards. For retail, this means deterring incidents or de-escalating violent situations with an aim to keep team members and customers safe. With the increase of workplace violence and criminal activities in stores, it’s important to empower the loss prevention and store teams with the necessary kit and technology for them to feel safe.



Based in Singapore, Henderson Security Services deliver a comprehensive array of services to a diverse customer base, making us an entrusted brand name in the local security industry. Henderson’s top executives pride themselves on a hand-on management style. Well-trained security personnel are led by team leaders executing efficiently in security, training, logistics, support tasks, risk management and contingency planning for all projects.


Gatekeeper Systems

Gatekeeper Systems, headquartered in California with operations in Melbourne, offers an expanded range of intelligent trolley solutions aimed at enhancing safety, minimizing merchandise loss, and reducing asset and labour expenditures for retailers globally.
Their suite of products addresses a variety of needs facing retailers, providing effective non-confrontational solutions to combat theft and enhance operational efficiency. This technology helps mitigate confrontations associated with trolley push out thefts, which are increasingly favoured by organized retail crime (ORC) groups.
Additionally, Gatekeeper Systems’ solutions help prevent the misappropriation of shopping trolleys, directly impacting retailers' sustainability efforts and bottom-line profits. . By offering a hands-on approach, innovative products and proactive support, Gatekeeper Systems strives to empower retailers in their efforts to combat losses and enhance overall operational resilience.


Dahua Technology

Dahua Technology provides retailers with innovative security infrastructure to help maximise profits while minimising losses and expenses.
Dahua Solutions help stores in analysing customer and operation data, as well as preventing unnecessary loss and reducing operating inefficiencies.

Spearpoint Security Group

Spearpoint Security Group, in partnership with IntelliQ, offers innovative solutions to deter fraud, minimise shrink, and protect profits. Our forensic analytics platform acts like an investigator, empowering loss prevention teams to swiftly identify sources of fraud and uncover shrinkage causes. IntelliQ’s technology handles vast data efficiently, pinpointing invisible fraud and delivering reports, ensuring accurate and contextualized content. Our system can help you pinpoint relevant CCTV footage efficiently.
Further, Spearpoint Security Group offer expert security management consulting, specialising in cash management and the protection of valuables. Comprehensive services include Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessments, guiding you from initial planning and design through procurement, deployment, and rigorous testing and evaluation.

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